Agricultural Goodness

Sustainable Manufacturing


Striving For Even More Goodness

There’s good behind our goodness. Within every cheesy bite of Babybel®, there’s a team of farmers, cows and even experts in sustainability. All of whom strive hard to do their best for you, each other, and the planet.

Farmers For Goodness

Our farmers work hard. Without them, the goodness we enjoy every day would stop at the cows! Here are a few ways we look out for them.

When farmers are paid fairly for their milk, they can better support themselves. So we've made that the standard for the hundreds of French farmers we work with.

Our farmers show they care by implementing sustainable practices. And we care about them! That’s why we’re committed to paying higher than market average for their milk.

Good Practices

Behind every happy cow is a dedicated farmer. From supporting sustainable practices to providing good working conditions, we look out for our farmers so they can look out for our cows.

Our farmers treat their cattle to the best living conditions, like ample space and food.

We’re helping develop the latest and greatest in sustainable practices at our farms.

Our farmers value biodiversity! They implement good practices to preserve it while also ensuring the reduction of carbon emissions.

The working conditions for our farmers, including their efficiency, are on the up and up!

We encourage our farmers to source feed locally, helping animals and businesses thrive.

Cared-For Cows

Why is Babybel® such a playful snack? It all starts with our cows! Here are some ways we make sure our cows live happy, healthy and PLAYFUL lives.

rBST for our cows? No way. Growth hormones? Never.

By 2025, our cows’ feed will be 100% GMO-free.

Our cows enjoy free-grazing in the sunshine and quality feed for a better quality of life.

Our cows enjoy the outdoors in the sunshine, and the comfort of barns at night.

Our cows stay healthy by eating a balanced diet of grass, hay, corn and soy.

Our cows graze for at least 150 days a year between Spring and Autumn!

Our cows are cared for, ensuring they live happy and healthy lives.

Our partner farmers keep cows comfortable with plenty of space in their own stalls.

Since 2018, 100% of our milk comes from cows that graze free!

Positive Impact On Forestry

We’re constantly striving to find ways to limit the impact we have on the environment, while making sure our cows are fed the best feed. Our goal is to achieve zero deforestation impact! We’re taking steps to spread only goodness!

Our free-grazing cows eat on their own, helping preserve our forests and sustain biodiversity.

We encourage planting trees and hedges to provide our cows with shade while helping fuel a thriving ecosystem and enrich the soil for delicious grass. Just ask our cows!

How do we protect biodiversity? By developing pasture areas around farms that let earthworms do their job. When soil is protected and not turned over, the soil captures carbon and nitrogen, and it protects and stimulates biodiversity such as insects and pollinators.

Sustainable Packaging

The goodness we wrap our delicious snacks with should match the goodness inside every bite! That’s why we’ve taken big steps to make sure we’re doing our best, both inside and out.

Our wrapper is made of cellulose that comes from certified forests. That means it's now home-compostable!

Our red wax helps protect and preserve our cheese. Next up: plant-based wax.

We use 100% recycled or certified cardboard, all of which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Future Goals

Every day we’re striving to be more and more sustainable! Here are the steps we’re taking to be better in the future.

We're looking beyond the net for fully recyclable packaging solutions.

We’re even exploring ways to remove the wrapper altogether (while preserving quality, of course!)

We’re reimagining our red wax by finding ways to use materials that are better for the environment like plant-based wax. Stay tuned!

By 2025, we’re striving to make Mini Babybel®'s packaging 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable.

Reduce & Reuse

Waste no cheese! We’re making waves in fighting food waste and improving our recycling chain.

With the launch of TerraCycle, now you can collect and send in every piece of our packaging to be fully recycled. Net and all!

No cheese will go to waste on our watch! If there's any left over, it gets used for other (delicious) products.

We use local recycling streams to recycle packaging waste.

No leftovers here! Portions for one don't just mean a balanced diet. They also mean less leftover waste.

In The Future

We’ve got big goals for the future. Our protective red wax may be able to protect our snacks, without any additional packaging! For Mini Babybel®, the red wax is the main protective shell. Therefore, Babybel® is testing a program to sell Mini Babybel® without any additional packaging.

Join The Goodness

Through the power of Mini Babybel® cheese, a more delicious and satisfying world is just a peel away.

Taste buds aren’t the only part of your body that loves Mini Babybel®. This cheese is 100% natural and a source of calcium, helping to keep you satisfied all in one single portion. Perfect at home, in the lunchbox, or on-the-go when the munchies strike.

Discover What
Makes Mini
Babybel® A
Delicious Snack

Unwrap Our

So here's a bit about how we make our Mini Babybel® Original taste so good!


Our cheese is made with cow’s milk that comes from carefully chosen farms.

Transforming our milk into cheese

Our milk is then pasteurized and transformed into curd. Then we press the curd into individual molds to give our mini cheese its special shape.

Time for a bath

The future Mini Babybel® takes a dive into salted water (called brine) that will preserve the cheese and develop its unique flavor.

Getting dressed!

Each cheese is coated in wax to keep its freshness before its famous red wrapper adds the finishing touch.

Unwrap our cheesemaking secrets

And there you go, your favorite snack is ready to enjoy!

Say ‘Hello’ To An
Alternative Way
To Snack

Snacking is an enjoyable moment to satisfy nutritional needs between meals, thanks to a smart combination of convenient and tasty products. For a balanced diet, Babybel cheese has nutritional benefits: a source of calcium and is completely natural with no nasties!